Knitted Scarves

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Knitted Scarf 10 (6 Colours)
SCF-KS10 Knitted Scarf 10 100% Acrylic Measurement: approx. 193cm length x 39cm inclu..
Knitted Scarf 11
SCF-KS11 Knitted Scarf 11 100% Acrylic Measurement: approx. 250cm x 74cm ..
Knitted Scarf 12
SCF-KS12 Knitted Scarf 12 100% Acrylic Measurement: approx. 190cm x 30cm ..
Knitted Scarf 13
SCF-KS13 Knitted Scarf 13 100% Viscose Measurement: approx. 184cm x 124cm ..
Knitted Scarf 07
SCF-KS07 Knitted Scarf 07 In stock: Black/White Stripes, White, Navy, Red ..
Crochet Scarf with Fringe
SCF-CFS Crochet Scarf with Fringe In stock: Pink, Coral, Light Pink Measurement: appr..
Mohair Long Scarf (8 Colours)
SCF-MLS Mohair Long Scarf In stock: Charcoal, Hot Pink, Grey   ..
Fringe Circle Scarf
SCF-FCS Fringe Cirlcle Scarf In stock: Pink, Measurement: approx. 70cm length &nbs..
Stripe Kintted Long Scarf
SCF-SKLS Stripe Knitted Long Scarf (Unisex) In stock: 07, 21, 23 Measuremen..
Knitted Scarf 05
SCF-KS05 Knitted Scarf 05 In stock: Black, Coral, Red, Yellow, White Measurement: app..
Knitted Scarf 06
SCF-KS06 Knitted Scarf 06 In stock: Beige, Black, Red, White, Yellow Measurement: app..
Knitted Tube Scar 02
SCF-KTS02 Knitted Tube Scarf 02 In stock:  Black, Red, Beige, Cream, Mocha ..
Knitted Tube Scarf 05
SCF-KTS05 Knitted Tube Scarf 05 In stock: Cream, Black, Red, White, Grey Measurement:..
Knitted Tube Scarf 06
SCF-KTS06 Knitted Tube Scarf In stock: Brown, Dark Red, Black ..
Knitted Tube Scarf 07
SCF-KTS07 Knitted Tube Scarf In stock: Red, White  ..
E.K. Scarf
SCF-EKS E.K. Scarf In stock: Pink, Red, Hot Pink Measurement: approx. 180cm length x..
Knitted Fashion Lace Scarf
SF1010-KFLS Knitted Fashion Lace Scarf In stock: Black, Brown, Grey Measure..